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A Lost Asylum was formed in November of 2016 in Salt Lake City. The band consists of Holly Watson (Lead Vocals), Tyson loveridge (Guitar), and Justin Bell (Drums/Unclean Vocals). Touring the West Coast within a year of forming, they have become an unstoppable force. Able to overcome any obstacle in their path in order to keep creating music.


A Lost Asylum brings hard hitting, dark Gothcore through melodic guitar riffs, rhythmic bass, energetic drums, brutal screams, and beautifully dark lead vocals. 


They have played 75+ shows in under 2 years of forming. Playing along side The Dead Rabbitts, Famous Last Words, Spite, I Set My Friends On Fire, and The Funeral Portrait. They released their first EP May 2018 and released their first full length album in February, 2020.


After a few member changes and members switching instruments, A Lost Asylum has found a solid lineup eager to bring a new style of emo music to the world. Proving time and time again the dedication, flexibility, and resilience to keep creating music for everyone to enjoy.


"Very talented musicians. I would recommend them for any rock or metal show."

-Jaime Lee Paulos (Evanston Staging and Events)


"A Lost Asylum delivered a solid performance with hauntingly beautiful vocals backed up by a solid band."

-Jarom Bischoff (CrucialFest)

"As you're listening to their songs, the sounds are crisp, vibrant and commanding. You will stand attention at "Whore! No More" and "Poison."  Every track smacks you over the head with bruising music and jagged metal riffs, hitting as hard as they can with psychotic force. A Lost Asylum has a dark and menacing atmosphere in their material with a mix of yearning clean vocals and the expected feral bark. Even though it is a brutal album it is matched with sonic finesse manifested from the expert guitar work and plethora of tempo changes. The band's ability to blend outright barbarity with texture eloquence has been expertly demonstrated."

-Ally (Boston Rock Radio)

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